Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Home plumbing service and time keeping

Aha the last couple of posts have been on where and how to find plumbers in specific locations - with all due respect, I must leave that area alone for a while as I have been working on some other posts that on other plumbing subjects.

I find it amazing that even in today's economy, I am still hearing reports that plumbers are not turning up on time - I mean like I know quite a number of home plumbers who actually pride themselves on their time keeping, so its quite sad to hear things like this.

My friend required an emergency plumber last night, as he had an upstairs water leak that was causing a few problems downstairs if you get my meaning lol

Anyway, he phoned a 24 hr emergency line and the plumber said that he would be there within the hour... Yeah right!

He actually turned up three and a half hours late; no phone call to say that he would be late, he just turned up when he wanted to... This is not acceptable in my book - and this isn't just for plumbers; any work men that offer this kind of service should be sacked in my book!

If you have any stories where plumbers have had poor time keeping then please post your comments here!

Ciao ciao


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