Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Home plumbing service and time keeping

Aha the last couple of posts have been on where and how to find plumbers in specific locations - with all due respect, I must leave that area alone for a while as I have been working on some other posts that on other plumbing subjects.

I find it amazing that even in today's economy, I am still hearing reports that plumbers are not turning up on time - I mean like I know quite a number of home plumbers who actually pride themselves on their time keeping, so its quite sad to hear things like this.

My friend required an emergency plumber last night, as he had an upstairs water leak that was causing a few problems downstairs if you get my meaning lol

Anyway, he phoned a 24 hr emergency line and the plumber said that he would be there within the hour... Yeah right!

He actually turned up three and a half hours late; no phone call to say that he would be late, he just turned up when he wanted to... This is not acceptable in my book - and this isn't just for plumbers; any work men that offer this kind of service should be sacked in my book!

If you have any stories where plumbers have had poor time keeping then please post your comments here!

Ciao ciao

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Home Plumbing Services Manchester

Home plumbing is essential for the long-term maintenance of your boiler and home piping... This article is looking at home plumbing services for the area of Manchester, UK.

Taurus Plumbing and Drainage are based in Manchester and offer a 24 / 7 emergency call out service. They offer a 12 month guarantee on all new installations and provide free, no obligation quotations. The services they offer include; toilet installations and repairs, pipe work, hot water storage cylinder installations and repairs, loft tank installations, bathroom designs and installations, kitchen plumbing and much more; and with fixed prices, this plumbing and drainage company are definitely worth the call!

AW Plumbing and Heating operates mainly within the area of Manchester and some of the surrounding areas. They offer a 24 hour emergency call out service and all of their prices are 100% transparent; meaning that there are no hidden costs or extras! With services that include plumbing, heating, drains, bathrooms, electrics and gas; this plumbing and heating company is truly worth the consideration...

Country and Town Plumbers can repair your leaks, remove / move and install pipes, repair toilets and install new ones; in fact, Country and Town plumbers consider most types of plumbing work. With competitive prices and the bonus of having an emergency call out service, this plumbing and heating specialist is worth a look!

Home Plumbing Services Cambridge

Great! So you need a plumber and you live in the area of Cambridge?

This is a superb place to start your research!

The Plumbing Company provide an efficient, reliable and friendly plumbing and heating service to the Cambridge and Hertfordshire areas. As customer satisfaction is up-most, the Plumbing Company are always looking to achieve and improve this service. Being gas safety registered engineers, they can provide you with the necessary documentation and certificates and as their pricing is extremely competitive, this plumbing and heating services company is definitely worth a call!

Prima Plumbing and Heating offer an unrivalled service and their core business covers a wide range of plumbing and heating related activities! Their specialist areas include; power flushing, central heating and boilers, unvented hot water storage systems, wet-rooms and tiling and bathroom design and installation. Prima Plumbing a truly worth a visit! They pride theirselves on customer satisfaction and their pricing is second to none!

Able Plumbing Group specialise in all types of plumbing boilers and repairs. They are based in Cambridge and offer a 24hr call-out service to all locations within Cambridgshire. Their pricing is extremely competitive and their main services include; boiler repairs and installations, faucet repairs, toilet installations and repairs, pipe work and much much more...

Monday, 20 July 2009

Home Plumbing Services Essex

Looking for a plumber eh? And you live in the area of Essex?

This is a great place to start looking Essex based home plumbing services!

Based in Chelmsford / Essex, Aquafix are a fantatstic choice when it comes to home plumbing. They are specialists with bathroom design and offer many other plumbing and heating services, such as; drain cleaning and maintenance, kitchen plumbing repairs and installations, pipe work and much more!

Another brilliant choice is SAC Heating and Plumbing; they are based in Colchester, Essex and are a family run business with well over 20 years of experience. SAC have extremely competitive pricing and offer many services under the plumbing and heating titles, including; central heating systems design, gas fire and cooker installations aswell as repairs, solar hot water, bathroom design and installation, plus servicing and landlord reports - with all this to offer, SAC Heating and Plumbing are truly worth the consideration!

If you live near to Romford / Essex, then Jet Plumbing should be choice second to none... They are also a long established company and are specialists in repairing all types of combi-boilers. They offer a 24hr emergency call out service which is a real bonus and offer full central heating systems including reapirs and servicing of older models!

The view of Jet Plumbing is that if water goes through it, then they do it!

Home Plumbing Services Hertfordshire

Looking for home plumbers can sometimes be stressful - the image many get are that they turn up late, in scruffy clothes and in vans that should have been condemned 10 years previously...

Not to worry...

There are a number of plumbing service companies that offer an exceptional service and would treat your home like their own!

A great place to start looking for home plumbing services are local home improvement directories and good business services listings.

For your information, I have listed a small number of plumbers that should get you started...

Herts Plumbing based in Hitchin, Herts are a family run plumbing services business and are able to offer all types of plumbing and heating services. They offer land lord safety certificates and all work is guaranteed! Their rates are extremely competitive and as Herts Plumbing commonly work evenings and weekends, they are definitely worth checking out!

If you are based near Broxbourne, Herts then a great home plumbing services company to use are A10 Plumbing. Their rates are fairly competitive and they are experienced with a wide array of service areas including; Vaillant approved and trained, Ariston accredited, sustainable and renewable energy and many mmany more...

Another reputable home plumbing services company based in Hertfordshire is Aaron Services. They were founded in 1989 and is probably one of the most experienced and successful heating and plumbing services companies in the Herts area! Their offices are open between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:30 pm and as they specialise in most contracts including; commercial, residential and industrial, Aaron services are a must to trust!

Home Plumbing Services London

If you have reached this page, then I am assuming that you are looking for home plumbing services and you are based within the area of London , or at least close to it!

Using a specialist plumber for your home servicing requirements, is essential for the long term maintenance of you boiler and piping systems.

A great place to start if you are based in London and are looking for a plumber would be Google, but for your information, we have done a little research into the area and have a few starting results that should help you out...

Pimlico Plumbers, being part of the Pimlico Group Plc have been established since 1979 and offer a service like no other. Their engineers are not only clean and tidy, but they also arrive on time, which is something that many plumbers have problems with!

Pimlico Plumbers offer heating services, drains, bathrooms, electrics and can even offer you some building repair services such as roofing and carpentry!

Another great plumbing services company to call is Go Green Plumbing. Based in Covent Gardens London, they offer plumbing services, heating services and water saving solutions to the whole of the south east of England.

The last home plumbing services company I will mention is Staunch and Flow Plumbers. They are based in London, Piccadilly and offer home plumbing services to many homes throughout the south of England. Their main areas of service are boiler repairs, plumbing and installations, gas and heating and drainage!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Home Plumbing Services

Home plumbing services are extremely important for the long term up-keep of your house. It is important to have you boiler regularly service and since a house is probably one of the most sizable investments that you will ever make, having your boiler regularly serviced is a must!

Its funny actually; I was speaking to a customer recently who had been living in their house for 10 years and never had their boiler serviced - I told them to get it done straight away as they may be in danger of getting CO2 poisoning!

They said that their boiler was already in their house when they moved in and that was 15 years ago, so arranging their home plumbing services was no a must and that they should really get the plumbing serviced straight away!

Phew! Imagine... They will probably need a new boiler - it was one of the older models where the tank was in the loft. I suggested to them to get a Combi Boiler and I think that is what they will do...

Home plumbing services have really changed over the past 2 years in the United Kingdom - we have gone from Corgi to the all new Gas Safe Register - I must say that quite a few friends in the industry would have rather stuck to Corgi, but hey, you have to move with industry..

Important points
  • Always have you home plumbing services arranged by a registered plumber
  • Have your boiler serviced at least once a year
  • Try and stick to a regular company
  • Use a local home plumbing services company
  • Get reccommendations